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Joseph S D Yao jsdy at
Wed Nov 17 21:53:46 UTC 1999

On Tue, Nov 16, 1999 at 07:31:16AM -0600, Jerry Kemp - bind wrote:
> I am usually a lurker on this list picking up all kinds of good
> information, but I have a question about bind version numbers.
> It is my understanding that after bind 8.1.2 came 8.2 then 8.2.1
> and to this day 8.2.2.  I also understand that there are various
> patches for certain versions.
> With all of the above out of the way, I see references to various
> oddball version numbers of bind, the most common being 8.1.5 which
> is usually from a linux user.
> Can someone explain the unique version numbers to me??
> Thanks,
> Jerry

Companies who deliver BIND or portions thereof with their product will
sometimes put THEIR version numbers on the package name, or even in the
software itself.  This may reflect the BIND version number + some number
of ISC patches and/or local variations.

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