NXDOMAIN: diff between capitalized domain and non-cap. one?

Mathias Koerber mathias at koerber.org
Thu Nov 18 22:38:24 UTC 1999

But then why the changed case for .ORG/.org in this case? IBoth times it was
returned from the cache (see the TTL, missing 'aa' flag etc).

Seems random to me.

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|In article
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|Mathias Koerber  <mathias at staff.singnet.com.sg> wrote:
|>Just curious. I queries my local caching nameserver
|>for two )non-existent) domains in the same TLD.
|>AFAICS I got the same replies (NXDOMAIN), but in one case
|>the LHS of the returned SOA record was capitalized, in the other not.
|>I wonder whether there is any significance in this?
|No.  DNS matching is case independent.  However, a nameserver will remember
|the case of a name from the first way that it was presented to it.  Names
|that are learned from a user's query will often be lower case, but names
|that are first learned from a root server are likely to be upper case.
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