libbind.a Make error

David Spigelman dspigelm at
Fri Nov 19 16:38:03 UTC 1999


I had a similar problem when I didn't follow the install directions quite
right. You need to make it as follows:

1. From the ./src directory (everything takes place from src), make
2. make clean
3. make depend
4. make all
5. rm .settings
6. make install

I think the key that I missed was the make all. For some reason I missed it
in the docs. That's what actually makes libbind.a and the install portion
can't continue without it. I don't know if this has anything to do with your
problem, but if it does, I'm glad I could help. Good luck!


David Spigelman
Network Administrator
American Center for Physics

>>> "Mike Holcomb" <mike at> 11/19 11:13 AM >>>
Has anyone run into the following problem when compiling BIND 8.2.2 patch
on Digital Unix 4.0D?

Make: Don't know how to make ../lib/libbind.a.  Stop.
*** Exit 1

log of make session included below


Mike Holcomb

make install

Using .systype
Using .settings
set -x; for x in inet.h nameser.h nameser_compat.h; do  installbsd -c  -m
444 $x /usr/local/bind/include/arpa/$x;  done
+ installbsd -c -m 444 inet.h /usr/local/bind/include/arpa/inet.h
+ installbsd -c -m 444 nameser.h /usr/local/bind/include/arpa/nameser.h
+ installbsd -c -m 444 nameser_compat.h
set -x; for x in eventlib.h misc.h tree.h logging.h heap.h memcluster.h
assertions.h list.h dst.h irpmarshall.h; do  installbsd -c  -m 444 $x
/usr/local/bind/include/isc/$x;  done
+ installbsd -c -m 444 eventlib.h /usr/local/bind/include/isc/eventlib.h
+ installbsd -c -m 444 misc.h /usr/local/bind/include/isc/misc.h
+ installbsd -c -m 444 tree.h /usr/local/bind/include/isc/tree.h
+ installbsd -c -m 444 logging.h /usr/local/bind/include/isc/logging.h
+ installbsd -c -m 444 heap.h /usr/local/bind/include/isc/heap.h
+ installbsd -c -m 444 memcluster.h
+ installbsd -c -m 444 assertions.h
+ installbsd -c -m 444 list.h /usr/local/bind/include/isc/list.h
+ installbsd -c -m 444 dst.h /usr/local/bind/include/isc/dst.h
+ installbsd -c -m 444 irpmarshall.h
+ installbsd -c -m 444 netdb.h /usr/local/bind/include/netdb.h
+ installbsd -c -m 444 resolv.h /usr/local/bind/include/resolv.h
+ installbsd -c -m 444 res_update.h /usr/local/bind/include/res_update.h
+ installbsd -c -m 444 irs.h /usr/local/bind/include/irs.h
+ installbsd -c -m 444 irp.h /usr/local/bind/include/irp.h
+ installbsd -c -m 444 hesiod.h /usr/local/bind/include/hesiod.h
for x in bitypes.h cdefs.h; do  if [ -f $x ]; then  installbsd -c -m 444
/usr/local/bind/include/sys/$x; fi;  done
for x in "" ; do  if [ -n "$x" ]; then  installbsd -c -m 444 $x
/usr/local/bind/include/$x;  fi;  done
Make: Don't know how to make ../lib/libbind.a.  Stop.
*** Exit 1

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