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Fri Nov 19 04:03:38 UTC 1999

Cricket Liu <cricket at acmebw.com> wrote:
>>  4) tarball unpacks to 'src' instead of 'bind882r5/src'
>>     and writes a Makefile in the `pwd`
>That's deliberate, and Paul's discussed it before.

Seems odd.  What if someone already has a directory named 'src'?
>>  5) root Makefile doesn't work
>>     #make
>>     go to the ./src directory, you cannot make "all" here.
>>     *** Error code 255
>>     make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `all'
>Did you bother reading the Makefile?  It says:
># This is just for making distributions.  For the real Makefile, cd src.

It's not the action that's so unusual, but why the file is there
in the first place.  Why not add `rm Makefile` to the end of this

Perhaps there are good reasons for leaving development-specific
code in the distribution, however, if there are reasons for these
non-standard attributes they're less than obvious.
Roger Marquis 
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