bind 8.2.2.P5 "No such file or directory" error

Kevin Kelly kelly at
Fri Nov 19 23:37:08 UTC 1999

I just upgraded to bind 8.2.2.P5 and I now get the following messages at

Nov 19 15:36:21 polaris named[4855]: starting.  named 8.2.2-P5 Fri Nov 19
12:17:34 PST 1999
Nov 19 15:36:22 polaris named[4855]: ctl_server: bind: No such file or
Nov 19 15:36:22 polaris named[4856]: Ready to answer queries..

I also also noted that the messages indicated two differents PIDs here: 4855
and 4856, but only 4856 is running.

Kevin Kelly
Systems/Operations Manager
Whitman College
kelly at

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