classless delegation, and 3 other q's

John Johnny at
Sat Nov 20 20:37:47 UTC 1999


does anyone know about classless delegation?
it seems to be a way, or a "workaround" to the fact that you used to be able to do reverse dns only if you had a whole C-class.

our uplink, the university of vienna, uses this so we can do reverse dns ourselves, even though we have only a 64 ip-block assigned.
however, on irc, some sites dont seem to recognize this and reverse map our addresses like what kind of
problem is this?


another question I have is, I got to do the dns (and everything else) here after the other sysadmin left and it looks a bit messy. I
updated the zone data files (bind 4) and the file for rev. dns of localhost.
however, now, /var/log/messages gives me "named[pid]: accept: Connection reset by peer".
what does that mean?
that really bothers me because, a grep doesnt show this anywhere before I updated the zone files :/


named[pid]: approved AXFR from [ip].4667 for "domain"
named[pid]: zone transfer of "domain" to [ip].4667

these should only occur for my secondary NS, right?


and one last question, the primary NS is configured to forward querys to another NS (which isnt even the one authoritative for the
zone above us)- does that make sense? it also has the line "slave" in named.boot, which, so it says, "leads to more complete
forwarding and should be done."

<hopes for an answer that will help him ;)>


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