Multiple NS RR's

Keith Hermansader keith at
Sun Nov 21 13:29:04 UTC 1999

Mark_Andrews at wrote:
>         It's perfectly possible at the protocol level.  There is
>         no requirement at this level for the reverse mappings to
>         exist.
>         Operationally however it is often confusing however.
>         Registries often restrict the number of names that map to
>         a single IP address to one.  e.g. the Internic only accepts
>         a single mapping.
>         In practice it is better to select a single name for a
>         server and use it exclusively.

I had a feeling this was the case.  What about doing this with a
different IP stacked on the same machine?  This is probably what I'll
end up having to do thanks to an overzealous salescritter selling
something to a customer without checking first whether or not it can be
done successfully :-/

thanks alot!

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