og Entries DoS Attacks

wwebb at adni.net wwebb at adni.net
Sun Nov 21 22:45:32 UTC 1999

> > Nov 21 07:37:09 www named[2436]: dangling CNAME pointer 
> > (rs.internic.net)
> 	Ignore this it is a normal response.   It is downgraded to a level
> 	3 debug message in the current release.
> 	Also if you are seeing this message you should be upgrading, see
> 	the following for why:
> 	http://www.isc.org/products/BIND/bind-security-19991108.html

Mark and Cricket,

Thanks for the information.  We are currently using version 8.2.1 
and with all the problems I have seen people have on this forum 
with 8.2.2, is it really stable for the upgrade?   Mark and Cricket, 
have you upgraded to that version?  

Bill Webb

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