Sender domain must exist

Olaf Ihmig oihmig at
Mon Nov 22 11:07:59 UTC 1999

On 22.11.99 10:52:42 Rony Gabriel  wrote:
>is your domain listed on the dns? if not, then thats the reason.
>if yes, then you are not properly masquearding the mails to reflect the
>listed domain name.

these are not our domains. from time to time there are some domains with
this errormessage. its not happen on every day, only some. we got mails
from these and send mail to these domains. its a curios phenomenon.

>| Hi,
>| from time to time mails are blocked from our mailserver ( sendmail 8.9.3
>| with errormessage "Sender domain must exist". Problem is, i am sure,
>| domain  exist. Our BIND-Version is 8.1.2.
>| Any ideas whats wrong?
>| Thanx.
>| Olaf Ihmig.

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