Validating named configuration files before "reload"?

Cricket Liu cricket at
Mon Nov 22 16:27:52 UTC 1999

> | It will if you use the -p option to specify an alternate PID file or
the -c
> | option to specify an alternate UNIX domain socket.  You'd also need
> | to reset the PID file for the "test" server with options { pid-file
<>; };
> | or the path to the control socket with a controls statement.
> |
> I call that a "work around".

Call it what you want.  There's no substitute for the server
parsing its own config files.  What are you going to use as
a specification for named.conf's syntax for this tool, anyway?
The docs?  If you did, how would your tool have known that
the cleaning-interval substatement was initially misdocumented?

The best you could do would be to use the same source that
BIND does to parse the config file, and then your tool would
have to change with each new release of BIND.  At that point,
you may as well just use the server itself.


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