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Mon Nov 22 09:01:48 UTC 1999

Jim Reid <jim at mpn.cp.philips.com> wrote:
:>>>>> "Jay" == Jay Nugent <jjn at home.nuge.com> writes:

:     Jay> Some programmer who wrote named-bootconf.pl thought that everyone in
:     Jay> the world knows Perl. NOT!  And s/he failed to include any needed syntax
:     Jay> information...  grrrr....

: Well they did provide a man page. Then again, who bothers to read
: documentation? Oh, and named-bootconf is a SHELL script in current
: versions of BIND.

Well, yes and no.  BIND ships with both a shell version and a 
perl version.  Check out src/bin/named-bootconf/Grot/ for the
perl version.

As far as the lack of syntax...

## $Id: named-bootconf.pl,v 1.2 1999/01/08 19:27:35 vixie Exp $
# This is a filter.  Input is a named.boot.  Output is a named.conf.

That sounds like a syntax to me.

./named-bootconf.pl < /etc/named.boot > /etc/named.conf

ps.  Learn perl, you'll be much happier that you did. :)

--rtn recites the programmers mantra, "If it was hard to 
  write, it should be hard to understand."  :-)

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