Validating named configuration files before "reload"?

Cricket Liu cricket at
Mon Nov 22 19:09:53 UTC 1999

> On Mon, Nov 22, 1999 at 09:27:52AM -0700, Cricket Liu wrote:
> > The best you could do would be to use the same source that
> > BIND does to parse the config file, and then your tool would
> > have to change with each new release of BIND.  At that point,
> > you may as well just use the server itself.
> Perhaps a better thing to do is ask the BIND maintainers to add such a 
> tool to BIND?  Perhaps named could be stripped down so that it does 
> nothing but parse the files, keeping only as much as might be needed to 
> check for errors in syntax?

I think that would make more sense.  A simple command-line option
to test the configuration and return an appropriate exit status would
suffice for a lot of people.


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