DNS Subdomain Setup...

Ryan Faricy ryan at faricy.net
Mon Nov 22 21:30:20 UTC 1999

Hi all.

I'd like to set my Linux internet server up to do the following:

1) Allow dial-up users (who dial into not my server, but their ISP) who have
my IP address in their TCP/IP DNS server list have a subdomain of their own
on my server for as long as they're online (such as

2) Allow a subdomain to actually point to an existing directory on the
server (subdomain.mydomain.com -> /home/subdomain).

I'm not sure if #1 is possible, but I'd really like to do #2. Unfortunately,
I'm quite new to [BIND 8] DNS and such, and have no idea how or what to
configure my RedHat 5.2 system. Please help me, step by step! Thank you very


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