setting up dns with dsl

Avram Aumick aau at
Tue Nov 23 15:57:23 UTC 1999

I have two computers, compA which will be my server/gateway to internet,
and compB which is where I do all my work and contains three OS that I am
working with, one of which is linux. On Friday I will be getting a dsl
line with a static IP address with a legal domain name. compB and any
other computer that I add will be on a private network (192.168.1.*)

I am not sure how I need to set up dsn on the server side when using a
firewall and ip masq (I don't know how to do either but I need to tackle
one task at a time). Below is the diagram how I expect my system to look
like. What should I know ahead of time? What do I need to know? And what
am I missing? Does CompA take the domain name of If so how
does it relate to my private domain? 

Thanks for you help.

Avram Aumick

	| dsl line in/out
Comp A	|
|       #  nic card w/static ip
|	   ip     =  (not using real addr)
|	   domain = (I have a legal domain)
|	   host   = master
|  firewall here ???
|  ip masq  here ???
| /* this is the mail server 
|  * receives all mail to usr at
|  * and routes the mail to
|  */
|	   ip     =
|	   host   = ???
|	   domain =
|	#  nic card to private domain
	| (hub)
Comp B	|
|	# nic card
|	  ip     =
|	  domain =
|	  host   = myhost

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