named-xfer problem 8.2.2 P5

Ralf naegele at ShE.DE
Tue Nov 23 18:14:47 UTC 1999

maybe I am the one who has this problem:

since I upgraded from bind 8.2.2 to bind 8.2.2 patchlevel5 the
slave zone transfer with ndc works a little bit strange:

If I remove the zone file on the secondary NS and I
do a <ndc reload zone> ndc says "Slave transfer queued"
but nothing happens. No error messages, no warning in syslog,
nothing happens and no zone file arrives the secondary NS

With bind 8.8.2 it works fine, but now ... only if I stop
the complete named and start it again, the zone file created 
from the named-xfer is there.

Any hint would be useful


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