Interesting subdomain question.

Alan Kirchhoff alank at
Tue Nov 23 19:36:47 UTC 1999


	I have run into an interesting dns issue with a server under my

	This server is primary for domain Under, there exists
several subdomains for regional offices. such as:

So far, no problem! 

But, in the zone file for, subdomains a, b, and c are not officially
delegated. There are no records in's zone file like this:

a		86400	IN	NS
		86400   IN	NS	86400 	IN	A	86400 	IN	A

The primary name server for is a secondary of all of the subdomains
in question. So the zone files for the subdomains are being pulled in from
the relevant subdomain name servers. 

But when I check the zone transfers on the secondaries for, the
delegation information for,, and is included in zone transfer. Nothing on the primary for is telling it about
the subdomain delegation.

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