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Debie McFerrin Debie.McFerrin at
Tue Nov 23 20:51:07 UTC 1999


I have talked with the admin from and the folks from F5.  As posted
before, the product 3dns, from F5, has round trip time enabled and it now 'knows' my
dns server because someone from my network has made a request to their network.  This
particular message, according to F5, comes from their 3dns server simulating a zone
transfer for data.   I'm thinking that maybe these messages appear when there's an
allow-transfer statement with specific ip addresses in them...?  I suggested that F5
make a detailed posting to this newsgroup for clarification and to keep the admin from from getting a zillion e-mails.

Here's the url for F5 for anyone who's interested:

They were rather nice to call me since I'm not a customer...

Debie McFerrin wrote:

> This is very interesting...I have received this message from the same address:
> Nov 17 10:30:57 spf1n9 named[9686]: stream_getmsg([].2000): Connection
> reset by peer
> <snip>
> What does this mean??  And while I'm out here - where should I look to find out
> what these types of messages mean...
> Thanks
> Debie
> Mark_Andrews at wrote:
> >         You have just been scanned from
> >
> >         Mark
> >
> >

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