subdomain forwarders problem

Dave dmcpike.Nospam at
Tue Nov 23 22:47:23 UTC 1999

I seem to have hit an issue with subdomains and the way BIND handles them as
forward zones.  I'm running 8.2.2_P5 everywhere.  Basically we have 
authoritative servers for each of several subdomains in our network, for
instance: 	is authoritative for 	is authoritative for 	is authoritative for

We also have the two name servers listed as authoritative for name.dom and 
they are publicly addressed.  They hold secondary zones for everything
in the test, sv, and devel subdomains.  The idea being here that all
hosts in will resolve DNS from their respective subdomain
server, and if that server doesn't know the answer it is set globally to
"forward only;" to the two public name servers.

This idea works great except for one of the servers.  We don't want to have
the authoritative information for our second level domain (name.dom) held
on the publicly addressed server for security reasons.  We'd rather have it
stored on, say,, and then secondaried to the public 
servers.  But, as soon as I put in a master zone statement in named.conf for
"name.dom", the server apparently thinks that the name.dom zone file should
contain authoritative information for all the subdomains denver, test, and 
sv, and it will immediately stop forwarding requests for any of those hosts
to the outside DNS servers.  It starts returning NXDOMAIN errors.

I've also tried putting separate statements such as:

zone "" {
	type forward;
	forward only;	

in named.conf to no avail.

Does anyone have any ideas on this or ways around it, other then putting
the second level domain zone files on a different box that doesn't forward

Thanks for any info!


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