Firewall Issue??

John Tan d_name at
Wed Nov 24 07:59:00 UTC 1999

you should open tcp port and udp port 53 for the DNS traffic.

>From: "Randy Hislop" <rhislop at>
>To: comp-protocols-dns-bind at
>Subject: Firewall Issue??
>Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 07:58:04 -0700
>We recently had a firewall installed and perhaps it's a coincidence but now
>when I change the serial numbers in our domain files and reload the named
>(bind 8.1.2 on SunOS4.1.4), all is well inside our domain but nothing is
>propagated on the net.  Do we have to open a particular port for this?
>rhsilop at

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