OK, so I've read the FAQs and O'Reilly 3d edition, help!

What Now bloob at blob.bom
Wed Nov 24 05:40:29 UTC 1999

I am a network administrator at a two year college (my return address is
real, but through a private isp, not where I work; I'm paranoid about
reply-to spam schemes.)  I recently upgraded to BIND 4.x on a
DigitalDinosaur, er, DigitalDecstation 2500 with ULTRIX to BIND 8.2.x on
an Intel with RH 6.0.

Everything works great except I cannot figure out how to let anything
outside of our LAN (no firewall) see xxx.edu.  Inside it works great.
Server yyy.xxx.edu is also known as xxx.edu and mail gets delivered there (I
suppose because the root servers know where the xxx.edu domain is).  But I
cannot even ping it from outside.  Being a seat of the pants learner about
this, I am wondering I maybe there is a simple fix or if I am on the verge
of ruining everyone's life by trying to advertise xxx.edu.  Perhaps I was
dreaming, but I thought it worked fine with BIND 4.x.

My purpose for this is that I would like very much for one of our web pages
to be browsed to via http://xxx.edu.  (that web page is NT with some ick
web-based mailer and I am not sure about virtual domains on it--my
department was recently taken over by Dilbert's Pointy Haired Boss who
managed to screw up our IT people trust and then leave.  I am truly afraid
to ask because that may be 'stepping on the toes of the mail administrator.'
(anybody need a hard working LAN administrator?)

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