AIX4.3.2/BIND8.2.2p5 problem

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Fri Nov 26 02:20:19 UTC 1999

	Why does everyone want to hide details and then expect to
	get helpful answers?

	What is the configuration? named.conf and resolv.conf
	Is the server behind a firewall?
	What is being syslogged (/var/adm/messages)?
	What is logged when you turn on logging?
		ndc trace 
		<directory from options>/
	Have you bought a copy of "DNS and BIND"?


> Can't resolve names on the same machine,
> ie installed bind8.2.2p5 on AIX4.3.2 (,
> Queries from this machine to the nameserver running on
> it are timing out. This happens with 8.2.2.p5 nslookup and
> original AIX nslookup. From other machines I get everything
> resolved. In named.conf I tried
> listen-on {; };
> and
> listen-on {; };
> and
> no listen-on statement at all.
> any configuration hints are wellcome.
> Martin
> martin dot scharpf at bbraun dot com
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> Before you buy.
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