Is this an okey mx record?

Joseph S D Yao jsdy at
Sat Nov 27 14:10:14 UTC 1999

On Sat, Nov 20, 1999 at 03:18:04PM +0100, mgx wrote:
> Is this an okey mx record?

Only if it's in Oklahoma USA, where the Okeys live.  ;-)

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I  w i s h  that people would use their real e-mail addresses and real
zone files.

> boxy             IN NS  boxy
>                  IN MX  10 boxy
>      IN A
>                  IN MX  10 boxy
> IN A
>                  IN MX  10 boxy

Provided that (a) this zone file is in fact found on boxy, and (b) this
zone file is the zone file for, then the MX records look
okay.  The only "problem" would be that you have put in the same MX
record for boxy twice, once as "boxy" and once as "".

However, you do have problems with the "NS" record.  There is no "NS"
record here for!  Only for  This means that
DNS will (a) look for a separate zone file for "", and
(b) ignore the A and MX records in the file for "".  And
(c) lose the parent's NS record after it expires; so you will sometimes
be able to resolve things in this domain, and sometimes not.  At least,
this is my understanding of what it should do - I have never configured
DNS in this way, and I do not have time right now to go look in the code
or test this.

Given this problem in a made-up zone file, it is possible that your real
zone file has other, subtle errors.  If you care to post it, you may get
further help.  If you don't care to, well, then, you won't.

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