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Sat Nov 27 16:39:04 UTC 1999

> A root server will forward any recursive queries asked of it for
> which it does not already have an answer.  This works even if the
> forwarder has to ask the root for information as the forwarder will
> make a non-recursive query to the root server.

But internal root name servers, which are what Christine is
describing, only know about a small number of apex zones.
If you ask an internal root name server about a zone whose
ancestor doesn't appear in the root zone, you get NXDOMAIN.

> > >     Before 8.2.2,you will see in syslog: info: No root nameservers
> > > for class IN
> >
> > No, you won't see this in a correctly configured internal root setup.
>  Christine is correct.

No, she's not.  In 2, she's describing an internal root setup,
and a correctly configured internal root name server will
not log that error message.  It *is* a root name server, so
why should it?

>  715.   [clarity]       root servers don't need to be primed.
> > >     b) forget the hint file all together
> > >     Result:  nothing works.  syslog will complain: findns: No root
> > nameservers
> > >     for class IN?  This is not the same as the info message in case 2.
> > Case 2
> > >     applies to root servers only.  You definitely need a hint file,
> > what
> > >     goes in it?  Read on.
> >
> > This isn't true.  Forward-only name servers have always been able
> > to run without a root hints file, and in newer verisons of BIND,
> > you don't even see an error message in this configuration.
> "Forward only" only works correctly as of BIND 8.2.1.
> Prior to BIND 8.2 the hints file is required and should be
> configured with the root servers.  With BIND 8.2 don't even
> attempt "forward only".

Forward only worked in previous versions of BIND, too (BIND 4,
for example).  Even though it would produce an error message,
the name server would work correctly.


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