Newbie-Problems ???

Joseph S D Yao jsdy at
Mon Nov 29 03:25:49 UTC 1999

On Tue, Nov 23, 1999 at 04:25:29PM +0100, Florian Meyer-Kassel wrote:
> Nov 23 16:19:13 www1 named[1684]: SOA for
> "
> rpa" not at zone top ""
> Nov 23 16:19:13 www1 named[1684]: data
> "
> " outside zone "" (ignored)
> Nov 23 16:19:13 www1 named[1684]: data
> "
> a" outside zone "" (ignored)
> Nov 23 16:19:13 www1 named[1684]: data
> "
> a" outside zone "" (ignored)

As noted before, "in-addr-arpa" != "".  ;-)

> Nov 23 16:19:13 www1 named[1684]: Zone "" (file
> 89.159.62.
> zone): no NS RRs found at zone top

This is another error.  Each zone must contain its own name servers, no
matter that the name servers are also declared by its parent.  The
parent is not definitive, the server itself is.  And it is declaring
that there are NO name servers for this zone.  Not very useful.

Examining the zone files, it appears that this is actually another
manifestation of the earlier error.

> Despite the last line says "Ready to answer queries" the domain
> "" cannot be resolved, I always get "can't find
> Non-existent host/domain" ???

Yes.  You have no A record for ""  Therefore lookup doesn't
find one.  ;-)

> IN SOA localhost. root.localhost. (

Now, this is a problem in all of your SOA records.  You must NEVER use
"localhost" in your SOA records.  The first field should be the name of
the "master" name server, and should be resolvable from any other host
[but specifically from any "slave" name servers].  The second should be
a VALID e-mail address to the hostmaster(s) for your domain from any
other place.  Something like hostmaster at, if you have your
e-mail set up properly.  Sending e-mail to root at localhost will always
send e-mail to that account on whatever machine is sending it!

> ---------------- snip snip snip ----------------- Name of file :
> -------------------
> IN SOA localhost. root.localhost. (
>            IN PTR

NO.  It should be:

66			IN  PTR

In your line, the "" in the zone ""
gets translated to "".  And without
the trailing dot, the "" gets translated to
"".  Probably NOT what you had
intended.  However, the "66" in the zone "" gets
translated to ""; and "" WITH
the trailing dot does not get translated.

Hope this helps.

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