DNS and IPfilter

paul at partitura.com paul at partitura.com
Sun Nov 28 03:44:46 UTC 1999

I have a small network (5 machines) with a static (adsl) route to the
internet..  One of the machines is a primary dns, and one secondary -
all work well.  This is a very simple setup.

I need more IP addresses, and can't afford to get more from my ISP, so I
thought I would add a second ethernet interface to one of the machines
running  Solaris, set it up as a router, and run IP filter on it.
Behind the Solaris box will be two more machines using the "internal" IP

I think I understand how to setup IPfilter to make this work correclty.

I don't, however, understand how to make my nameservers work to resolve
hostnames that are for hosts behind the IPfilter machine.

Can someone advise me?

Paul Phillips

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