proxy cache danger????

..Luca T.. ese_ at
Sun Nov 28 22:44:23 UTC 1999

I'm having a strange problem with the proxy server I setted in my office.
I setted a server like a router (with 2 eths), like samba server and like
packet filter (with ipchains).
Yesterday I setted up Apache to use a proxy cache in my network. I
configured httpd.conf and I added some other rules in ipchains to REDIRECT
the input packets to the port 8080.
Now, everything works well but one thing: when I shoot down all the machines
in my LAN I have my ISDN router (3COM) that never disconnects. If I insert
an output rule in my firewall to log what's going on (ipchains -A output -s
0/0 -d 0/0 -l -j DENY) the 3COM disconnects, and if I watch to
/var/log/messages I can see that the connection attempts are coming directly
from the server and are destinated to some sites I visited and that are in
cache. What should I do?? I hope that I don't have to put in httpd.conf
NoCache for every site that gives me this problem.
I really don't know what to do....

Thanx for any suggestion.


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