sortlist problem

Edmund c990077 at
Mon Nov 29 08:22:26 UTC 1999

This was what I was always thinking, but in fact, a few big ISP in our area is
using the type ANY query to get the A record, so in such a case, the sortlist
has NO effect.  Also, another strange symptom is that Netscape or IE browser
is using query ANY type to get A record as well.  So, the final conclusion is
that the 'sortlist' is useless 50% of the time.

Cricket Liu wrote:

> > Recently I notice that the 'sortlist' only work for query type A which
> > is the common query method by local client in intranet usage, however,
> > for internet usage, other DNS server usually use the type ANY query to
> > query other DNS server.  So, is there any configuration/setup which can
> > make the sortlist to respond to query type ANY ?  If not, I don't
> > understand why the 'sortlist' have to be implemented in such a way as to
> > only for query type A. which is only proper for interanet usage, not
> > internet.
> Other DNS servers don't usually send queries of type ANY.
> They send queries of the type they're asked to look up.
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