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David Spigelman dspigelm at
Mon Nov 29 18:16:25 UTC 1999

There are installation procedures that should be followed closely. One of
the procedures says that you need to do everything from the src directory.
Try that.


David Spigelman
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>>> "- Alex" <apavluck at> 11/29 9:01 AM >>>
    I have a question about installing BIND 8.  I have installed the RPM
that version does not make the /var/named dir.  So I went out and got the
source.  When I untar it all I have is a /src dir.  There is no
Config or make any where.  The install says that for the Linux OS (RED HAT
6.1) all I have to do is type
"make".  Can anyone tell me what I am missing???

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