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Mon Nov 29 22:33:27 UTC 1999

> Mark > A root server will forward any recursive queries asked of it for
> Mark > which it does not already have an answer.  This works even if the
> Mark > forwarder has to ask the root for information as the forwarder will
> Mark > make a non-recursive query to the root server.
> Cricket > But internal root name servers, which are what Christine is
> Cricket > describing, only know about a small number of apex zones.
> Cricket > If you ask an internal root name server about a zone whose
> Cricket > ancestor doesn't appear in the root zone, you get NXDOMAIN.
> So according to Cricket's example of an internal root server for a
> nd a forwarder, recursive query for will get a reply of NXDOMAIN from
>  the root server right away because the root server doesn't know any other zo
> ne except And since it thinks it knows everything about the name 
> space, that answer is final. 
> But according to Mark, recursive query for will get forwarded to the 
> forwarder because it does not have a ready answer.  Forwarder issues iterativ
> e query back to root server, gets an NXDOMAIN, then passes that answer back t
> o root server's original query.  Same answer, but in a roundabout way.  Did I
>  understand you both correctly?  You are saying different things here.  If th
> e forwarder sits on the cusp of the DMZ, it will know and use the real roots,
>  why would it use the fake root to query for to get the NXDOMAIN.  Ok
> , which is it?
> CT
	Cricket and I were saying the same thing.  I said if it didn't
	know a answer.  NXDOMAIN is an answer.

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