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Joseph S D Yao jsdy at cospo.osis.gov
Mon Nov 29 22:46:57 UTC 1999

On Wed, Nov 24, 1999 at 10:08:04AM -0700, Scott Miller wrote:
> I am having a problem setting up my DNS server.  Here's my story.

NEVER send messages to both the bind-users mailing list and the
newsgroup.  They are gatewayed to each other.

Once you get your ISP straightened out ... you must have one name server
on which all changes and updates are made.  Call this the "master".  Its
zone entries should look something like:

zone "interbel.net" IN {
	type master;
	file "zone.interbel";

All others should read from yours.  This would include the ISP's if it
is not the master.  Call them "slaves".  Their zone entries should look
something like:

zone "interbel.net" IN {
	type slave;
	file "zone.interbel";
	masters { ip.address.of.master; };

The zone files will contain all addressing information.  Don't forget to
set up reverse DNS zones, as well.

All of this is totally independent of where your mail server is.  It has
nothing to do with where your name servers are.

Hope this helps.

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