Compile problem on linux

Barbour, Scott Alan TSgt BarbourS at
Tue Nov 30 01:38:43 UTC 1999

I fixed this by adding in yacc (or byacc or bison) and lex (or flex).  After
that I compiled it and it worked fine.  The information is contained in the
INSTALL readme file in the src directory.

Scott Barbour
Systems Administrator

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		From:	Holger van Koll [mailto:holger at]
		Sent:	Tuesday, November 30, 1999 4:55 AM
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		Subject:	Compile problem on linux

		Bind 8.2.2 , Patchlevel 5 compiles on RedHat linux 5.1/5.2
(upgraded to
		kernel 2.2.13) fine,
		but on RedHat 6.0/6.1 (2.2.13) I get the following error:

		gcc -O -g -I../../port/linux/include -I../../include
		-D_PATH_HELPFILE=\"/usr/lib/\"   -c subr.c -o
		gcc -O -g -I../../port/linux/include -I../../include
		-D_PATH_HELPFILE=\"/usr/lib/\"   -c commands.c
		gcc -O -g  -o nslookup main.o getinfo.o debug.o send.o
skip.o list.o
		subr.o commands.o \
		        ../../lib/libbind.a -lfl
		../../lib/libbind.a(ns_print.o): In function
		/root/sw/src/lib/nameser/ns_print.c:458: undefined reference
		/root/sw/src/lib/nameser/ns_print.c:519: undefined reference
		../../lib/libbind.a(lcl_nw.o): In function `nw_byaddr':
		/root/sw/src/lib/irs/lcl_nw.c:154: undefined reference to
		collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
		make[2]: *** [nslookup] Error 1
		make[2]: Leaving directory `/root/sw/src/bin/nslookup'
		make[1]: *** [nslookup] Error 2
		make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/sw/src/bin'
		make: *** [all] Error 2

		Any hints? Thx a lot...

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