BIND8.2.2 and special Characters

Stephen Carville carville at
Tue Nov 30 02:58:17 UTC 1999

If you do this, you will be allowing names with slashes, commas, or any
other weird character your users can get someone to add.  You may have
to do this for your legacy machines but it could get real interesting...

Might this be better handled by have an RFC compliant name aliased to
the goofy name?

On Mon, 29 Nov 1999, you wrote:
-check-names ignore ;
-in your named.conf under your master zone will fix this.  I learned this the
-hard way because of the crap microsoft is doing with win2k.. ;)
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-Hi there !
-Im upgrading our DNS Server from BIND 4.9.3 to BIND8.2.2. Everything
-works fine but there one little big thing. The BIND4.9.3 Server knows
-DNS Names including a "_" (underscore)  or "+" (Plus). Im sure that
-these are not valid DNS Names, but they exist in the 4.9.3 Server. I´m
-not sure if it is possible the change all DNS entries in order to
-prevent big trouble in the pre x-mas time :-). Is there a switch/
-option/ trick avaible to disable the syntax check of 8.2.2 ?
-The 8.2.2. Server rejects all entries including these signs.
-Any hints and tips a welcome !
-Thanks in advance
-Please mail to heise at
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