analyzing a referral from root-servers

Farid Hamjavar hamjavar at
Tue Nov 30 04:41:28 UTC 1999

bind 8.2.2-p5

Nov 29 21:16:50 ariel named[24378]: host name "CLINT'S\032COMP" IN
(response from [] for []) is invalid - proceeding anyway

Above is one of many many lines we're getting and I
was wondering if anyone can help me understand it better. who is passing out
information that name for is

But in our dns database has different 
name (all our names are valid and rfc952 compliant).  
We don't have "CLINT'S\032COMP".  Our secondary on the 
Internet does not pass this information either.

Why would root-name servers do this kind of things,
or am I missing something here?


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