CNAME records coexistence with other RR's

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Tue Nov 30 15:20:54 UTC 1999

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Edmund  <c990077 at> wrote:
>Well, might be multiple-cnames in

The multiple-cnames option has nothing to do with this.  He doesn't want
multiple CNAME records, he wants a CNAME with other data.  This is
expressly forbidden by the DNS specification, and BIND no longer allows it.

>Yusuf G wrote:
>> Hi, I have a situation where I want to create a CNAME record
>> pointed to machine1.some.other.domain
>> Also, I want a MX record to pointing to machine1.some.other.domain
>> Basically, I want to setup a test web-based email system. According to
>> RFC 2181 and RFC 1912 A CNAME record is not allowed to coexist with any other
>> +data. Does any body have any suggestion as to a workaround for this. I don't
>> +want to add a A record for to allow for flexibiltiy in moving its
>> +target machine

Sorry, that's the way it is.  If a name has a CNAME record, it means that
it's simply a synonym for the target name.  What you're asking for would be
like creating a symbolic link on Unix and then trying to have different
data in the link versus the target file.

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