need more help running bind as user other than root... ?

Duane Cox dcox at
Wed Mar 1 14:59:22 UTC 2000

Bind is running under the user/group named/named, also NOT in chroot mode.  If I understand right, Linux executes the named daemon as user root no matter what, then shifts down to user named during that daemon startup process.  (according to dns & bind r3 chapter 10).  My problem is, as user named I cann't successfully execute the script /etc/rc.d/init.d/named restart.   Is this going to be normal since this script is usually executed as root?  The script attempts to execute and apparently does stop and restart the daemon, but does error out on some of the lines within the script... following is the error...

ALSO  do I have to edit "ndc" or something like that now that named runs as user named and not root?

/etc/rc/d/init.d/named restart

rm: cannont unlink 'var/lock/subsys/named': Permission denied    [OK]
touch: /var/lock/subsys/named: Permission denied                      [OK]

Duane Cox
dcox at

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