Granite Canyon Down

David Cost dcost at
Wed Mar 1 07:13:34 UTC 2000

Yes, I agree. I sent them a mail to ask if they planned to support long
domain names and they did not reply. They don't say how they will bill you
the $2.00 per year, so there is a paucity of information on their site. I
don't know about how long their propogation takes, the first time I thought
of them was when Granite Canyon went down for awhile today (back up now) and
I noticed the one site I backed up with them as a secondary still worked (it
points to their primary BTW). I'm sceptical of sites that don't reply to
email, but in this case it looks liked it worked out well today, this scheme
for splitting the namservers seems good.

<jreich at> wrote in message news:89htb8$o22$1 at
> Interesting you should mention them, as I tried to setup with them this
> morning.  However, they only seem partially up: their primary machine
> ( is not responding to DNS queries (it pings, but
> doesn't respond with nslookup and dig), and their second machine
> (ns...) doesn't have my domain several hours after setting things up.
> Do you know how quickly things typically update?
> I also noticed that their two servers have IP addresses side by side.
> You certainly shouldn't rely on them exclusively, but backing them up
> with Granite Canyon seems like a good idea, for the price.
> Jason.
> In article <cxYu4.6$n3.1443 at>,
>   "David Cost" <dcost at> wrote:
> > Speaking of Granite Canyon, I just noticed it appears to be down.
> > Fortunately, I used RealDNS for our secondary Nameserver and it looks
> like
> > it is working ( At $2.00 per year it is a
> good
> > precaution. (Using for the Domain registrations at
> > $20.00/year.)
> >
> >
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