round-robin and multi MX practicalities

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> I do wish you had used your correct e-mail address, or some
> approximation ...
My correct e-mail is disguised to keep spammer away. Please look below.

> On Sat, Feb 26, 2000 at 10:25:27AM +0000, peter at wrote:
>> But i do not see the problem, why not use smtp hosts that will stay alive ?

> Ah.  If you have such a machine, that will never have hardware or
> software failures, that can have hardware and software upgraded without
> going off the air, that is proof against outages of power, telecomms,
> and air conditioning, and is sufficiently inexpensive that the average
> company will happily buy one over the el cheapo PCs that some seem to
> like, then please get in touch with me.  I am ready to invest.  ;-)
Well, running FreeBSD / BSDI / OpenBSD on non-broken hardware using
an ups will usually run until next hardware upgrade (a year or so).
For isp and air conditioning failures it won't help of course.

Importent for smtp servers is plenty of memory and swap, also 
reversing (and keeping fairly low) load averages will help.
O RefuseLA=4
O QueueLA=8

(the point is that when load goes above a certain point, continuing to
accept (and queue) only will worsen loading. Starting to refuse will
move the queue outwords until you empties you queue).

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