Dynamic DNS info

N. Milligan npmNOnpSPAM at home.com.invalid
Fri Mar 24 21:45:18 UTC 2000

I'm investigating using 8.2.2-pl5 along with the ISC's latest
(version 3 I think) DHCP.  I'm wanting to do dynamic DNS updates.
I haven't really found much documentation or information about
how to get the dynamic dns updates to work.  Does the client do
it, or is it done by the DHCP server?  I've seen Perl code to do
it on Unix, but how are Windows systems making the updates? Our
requirement is that this needs to happen automagically with no
assistance from a user.

Anyway, any pointers to docs or faq's about this, or any personal
experiences, would be greatly appreciated!

Nancy Milligan

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