which servers get a notify request?

Jim Reid jim at rfc1035.com
Sat Mar 25 00:29:55 UTC 2000

>>>>> "Josh" == Josh Higham <bindadmin at bigsky.net> writes:

    Josh> Then what is it used for?  I think I can change it without
    Josh> ill effect, but I'd like to get some more information about
    Josh> what it is actually used for.  I understand that the contact
    Josh> information is there for human consumption; is the SOA
    Josh> nameserver also for human consumption?  Is it unused?

No. Mostly it is unused, but the MNAME field of the SOA record *has*
to point at the zone's master server if dynamic updates are in use.
The SOA's MNAME is the only way of reliably identifying the zone's
master name server. And hosts doing dynamic updates need to know where
the zone's master server is.

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