*way* over my head here!!!

Johnno johnno at nospam.casebook.org
Sat Mar 25 02:40:03 UTC 2000

jbp <me at jpixton.dircon.co.ukpiss> wrote:

 > I have ifihada.com with BIND running with apache (I'm a relative
> newbie if you haven't already guessed!)

> Two problems exist:
> 1) www.ifihada.com works... Although there's only a messy holding
> page there atm... http://ifihada.com doesn't work... How do I get it
> to work?

You need to edit the zonefile and add an A rerecord for the root domain.

The syntax can be expressed two ways:

@        IN    A


domain.com.        IN    A

> I don't have direct access to the BIND settings, only through a web-panel.
> took a screenshot of what I have to work with at: www.ifihada.com/dns.gif -
> Is this enough to acheive what I want???
> I need to know how to get http://ifihada.com to work...
> *Any* help is appreciated!!!
> 2) How do I set up http://robotics.ifihada.com, for example?

Add an A record to your zonefile as such:

robotics        IN    A
> As I said... I'm completely in the dark about BIND and DNS, so *any* help
> brilliant!

I had a look at your zonefile in your posting, as well as your screen

On the configuration manager in your browser, add records as such:


If that doesn't work, try:


Else, try:


And, finally, add this record:


Johnno (johnno at nospam.casebook.org)

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