Ignoring unqualified MX's ?

Thor Kottelin thor at anta.net
Sat Mar 25 09:04:52 UTC 2000

BIND Users Mailing List wrote:

> From: "Cricket Liu" <cricket at acmebw.com>

> > Now I'm confused.  Since time immemorial (well, OK, about a decade)
> > I've been configuring all my name servers to answer authoritatively for
> > PTR localhost.
> > and
> >   localhost. A

> Unless the folks who maintain the root zone add a domain name to
> the zone called "localhost.," then, as Barry says, there's no such
> domain name as "localhost."

Now you have me confused as well.	:-)

RFC 2606 (status: BCP) states:

      The ".localhost" TLD has traditionally been statically defined in
      host DNS implementations as having an A record pointing to the
      loop back IP address and is reserved for such use.  Any other use
      would conflict with widely deployed code which assumes this use.

Do you disagree with the above, or am I just misunderstanding your point?


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