creating a primary server

Mike Lander mechiman at
Sat Mar 25 17:00:34 UTC 2000

    I am new to Dns, I have a caching only name server set up with @home
ISP, one gateway through a hardware
router and one through Linux redhat 6.1. As of now the linux box is just a
caching name server. It is multihomed and has
one fqdn IP and the other interface is wired to the hardware router with an
ip192.168.0.49 (eth1) . I pay for two IP's with @home. So my internal dns
lookup is The internal LAN uses the hardware router and
Masquerades using NAT, using 192.168.0.x subnet.
    For purely educational purposes, I want to set up my own domain and Dns,
for one can I buy a Fqdm and use @home
to set all this up as it would be temporary and @home does not like servers
on their networks at a client level.
    To make the above question simple if I had a fully qualified IP that I
could change my machines too. Would it work ?
Not @homes IP addresses , say I register with Internic and buy two IP's for
dns and set the hole thing up what my ISP doesn't know does not hurt. As
they just don't want High bandwidth. Which wont happen because I am learning
    I have the books  Dns and Bind, along with Linux books, several win98
computers and a NT server with linux on the internal LAN. It confuses me to
understand how a domain is born from scratch. I want to buy my own Ip
address and create
a domain along with Dns servers to work on the cable modem access.
Everything I have learned involves Isp's which already have domains and wont
allow subdomains with money and a hassle.
                                    Any help appreciated Thanx Mike

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