bind 8.12. to 8.2.2-P5 upgrade problem

Jim Reid jim at
Sat Mar 25 23:59:37 UTC 2000

>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Weber <jweber at> writes:

    Jeff> I have 3 servers running bind 8.1.2.  I am attempting to
    Jeff> upgrade them one by one to 8.2.2-P5 but so far have been
    Jeff> unsucessful.  When I upgrade my primary server the secondary
    Jeff> server can no longer transfer any zones.  Log files are
    Jeff> reporting back non authoritative.  Am I missing anything
    Jeff> that needs to be changes on my machines to do this upgrade?

You have to fix the syntax errors in the zone files that the 8.2.2P5
name server will be screaming about in the logs. The master server
won't have rejected the zones (=> non-authoritative answers for those
zones => no zone transfers) was unless there was a good reason.

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