use-id-pool in named.conf what does it do?

Jim Reid jim at
Sun Mar 26 21:15:06 UTC 2000

>>>>> "zack" == V I V I D C I T I E S c o m <webster at> writes:

    zack> In my named.conf there is a line that reads
    zack>	use-id-pool yes;
    zack> What does this mean?

    zack> I have searched dejanews, isc and excite.

Try reading the BIND documentation. Take a look at the html directory
in the doc tarball. I quote:

	If <CODE>yes</CODE>, the server will keep track of its own
	outstanding query ID's to avoid duplication and increase
	randomness.  This will result in 128KB more memory being
	consumed by the server. The default is <CODE>no</CODE>.

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