DNS delima - Need quick fix !!

arrd basinhoof at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 27 00:45:53 UTC 2000

I just came on board with a small company with a single class C subnet,
using a 3 year old version of MetaDNS for name resolution.  They host a
company website and about 8 additional sites.   The zones were setup by
someone who meant well, but ended up with some non-conventional DNS records
that are causing errors.  The biggest problem seems to be when mail is sent
out and the destination ISP does a reverse look-up.  Mail comes back as
undeliverable.   No documentation to be found on this version of MetaDNS,
and when I try the GUI utils to fix the zone file and "import" it into the
program, I get errors and have to exit the interface.  Can't find a command
line way to do this either.  Built in help with Meta does not help at all!
I would like to set up a new primary DNS server, using either NT 4 SP5 DNS
Server program, or set up a Linux box for DNS.   I've played with the MS DNS
product, appears as though it will probably the easiest route, since I am a
Linux novice and don't have the time (I think) to implement it.  The email
problem is causing big time problems, as you can imagine.  One more variable
to the story - we are moving to T1 with a different service provider in
about 30 days, so everything with have to be reworked when that happens
(will be getting two new, consecutive subnets).  So I just need a quick fix
now.  MetaIP has got to go!  What do you veterans think?  Also, what is the
best way to implement a new DNS primary server on a network running
currently using a primary DNS box running different software (MetaDNS).
Help desk people at UUNet can assist me with proper formatting of my record
files.   Thanks much!

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