My Domains IP Address is being misreported by DNS servers! Help!

Marky markyh at
Mon Mar 27 05:18:02 UTC 2000

Hello -

I am experiencing some weirdness where my domain's ip address was being
misreported by several name servers across the
Internet. I control the SOA, as well as the secondary server. No one else
makes changes to my records, and I didn't change the
info in this domains record.  The info was correct on my name server, as
well as my ISP's. I figured out what was going on when emails
to users in our domain were getting returned back to the senders with a
"connection refused by" error in it. I started
troubleshooting and realized that the ip address being used for my domain by
other DNS servers was incorrect. It seemed to me to
be hit and miss, some name servers had the correct data and some didn't.  My
ISP couldn't help me.  My server is a web server with
multiple virtual domains. None of the other virtual domains were affected.
As I said before, I didn't change our DNS record. Can anyone
enlighten me as to how this could happen? Data on the Network Solutions
whois database is correct also. Thanks to anyone who can
shed some light on this.

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