A Case of Lame Delegation?

Spencer, Michelle R NWP Michelle.R.Spencer at nwp01.usace.army.mil
Mon Mar 27 16:46:06 UTC 2000

usace.army.mil used to be registered as the SOA for usace.army.mil. However,
applying a little military intelligence (don't laugh) army.mil decided to
become my SOA as of 28 Feb 2000. After this happened we started to see huge
problems, especially with reverse as the military lives on reverse for
authentication. Here is the REALLY strange part. Now a office will call and
say they can't resolve an address like sac.usace.army.mil. All our class B
and class C address have been delegated out to each corresponding office and
none reside at the usace.army.mil, we just point to them for administrative
purposes. When I go to the army.mil and try to resolve the address it will
time out. When I go to my name server and try to resolve the name it
resolves correctly. Then, I go back to army.mil and it resolves correctly
and the office is able to resolve the address. Any ideas why this might
happen? I am being told it is because of lame delegations that are caused
because of the interjection of army.mil as my SOA instead of me being the
SOA, is this correct? Basically delegation to a delegation.

Michelle R. Spencer
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District
Network Operations Center, CENWP-IM-NSOC
ph: 503.808.5037  fx: 503.808.5088
email: michelle.r.spencer at usace.army.mil
pager: 5039382451 at epage.arch.com

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