bind v9 beta src code, where?

Jim Reid jim at
Mon Mar 27 20:43:40 UTC 2000

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Snyder <swsnyder at> writes:

    Steve> Is there a Web page that describes the changes from v8.2.2,
    Steve> or do I have to download the tarball just to read the
    Steve> ChangeLog?

BIND9 is a complete re-write. There is almost no code that is common
to BIND8 and BIND9 apart from some goo for parsing named.conf files
and maybe handling the logging. Therefore line-by-line comparisons
between BIND8 and BIND9 are meaningless. By definition there is no
ChangeLog documenting the differences between these releases. There
were several reasons for a complete re-write. One was to get rid of
the cruft and legacy code that has "evolved" over the years since BIND
first appeared in 4.3BSD. Another was to provide support for
threading. Yet another was to clean-up the internal design and

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