netiquette & zone transfers

Jeremy Nelson jfn at
Mon Mar 27 21:56:37 UTC 2000

Barry Margolin  <barmar at> wrote:
>Why does there have to be?  You don't have to have a "no trespassing" sign
>on your lawn to prohibit trespassers.

*referee whistle*  Your analogy just broke down.  In many parts of the USA,
you most certainly *do* have to have a "no tresspassing" sign to prohibit 
tresspassers, since in many/most states by definition it is not possible 
to be guilty of tresspassing unless you disregard a "no tresspassing" sign [1]
posted in a place where it would be seen by would-be "tresspassers".

Thank goodness the real world isn't yet like the computer world, a kind 
of hyper-paranoid quasi-police state where every possible act we do is 
illegal unless we can produce written notorized documentation that we had
prior permission to do it.  The right to roam thankfully still exists, 
though it is under attack.


[1] Or other acceptable legal substitution such as a verbal warning.
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