Zone file/domain dont work, pls help !! (ICQ 3487101)

Alex Curvers a.curvers at
Tue Mar 28 18:56:33 UTC 2000

Damn I try and I try but still, after so much time, my domain names still
dont work.
I'am new at this. I dont know what the problem is. Maybe it is my zone file,
aldo it seems ok and it is accepted when i send it. Or my domains dont point
to the PublicDNS NS servers  Anyway this is my zone file for :

; Name Servers  IN  NS  IN  NS

; multiple RP records authorize others to submit zone changes
; from the email address in the first field after the RP
; This email address is in DNS-email format. That is,
; the '@' (at-sign) is replaced by '.' (dot or period.)  IN  RP a.curvers at    IN  TXT "Alex Curvers,    NIC handle:

; addresses for the canonical names
; Many emailers expect the name localhost to exist
; in a domain with this specific, reserved address.
; 127/8 or 127/ is the address of LOOPBACK-NET
; is reserved to mean this host on the LOOPBACK-NET   IN  A

; The IP addresses below are reserved for networks
; not connected to the InterNet. They are not routable by
; most publicly accessible backbones and are here as an
; example only.

;  IN  A

; some useful puns that cannot be CNAMEs because
; they are referenced by MX records, below IN  A

; an address for the zone itself       IN  A

; Aliases
; These create a nickname or alias for another name known
; to the DNS, the canonical name, hence CNAME. No other
; records may exist with a name the same as this alias.

; 'Java' is an alias for the canonical name, 'Navy.'

;    IN  CNAME

; MX records

; These direct mail delivery agents, like sendmail,
; at hosts which have agreed to accept email for us.

; This assumes that we've arranged with and
; to provide this email service for us in
; advance for

; The token 'EXTREF' directs nslint to allow external references.
; The token 'GLOBALOK' directs nslint to allow global records.

; MX records for a host to be treated specially
;  IN  MX  10 ; EXTREF
;  IN  MX  100 ; EXTREF

; global MX records for unspecified members of the zone
; *     IN  MX  10 ; GLOBALOK
; *     IN  MX  100 ; EXTREF GLOBALOK

; MX records for email addressed to the zone itself       IN  MX  10       IN  MX  100	; EXTREF

Maybe it is not working because off the mx records. Also my webserver is not
yet configured for this domain.
I just want the domain to point to my webserver Maybe someone
could show me a short version with only the domain pointing to a webserver
withoud all the unneeeded crap like mx records if possible.

Alex Curvers
icq 3487101

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